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Leverage the power of the community

AWS has joined Collectives on StackOverflow.

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What does it mean?

As a StackOverflow user and contributor, I can say that this is the next step toward unlocking the power of the community.

With around 507k questions and answers, you have centralized and trusted knowledge at scale.

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I strongly recommend checking the AWS Collectives page, which is more than a home page it's a dedicated space that contains articles and bulletins, besides questions and answers. You can quickly check the latest events and releases for example re:Invent 2022.


Just to put these numbers in perspective, currently, there are 236k questions with curated answers, and when one searches for a particular answer most often beside the official documentation a StackOverflow link will be right there, meaning that you can unlock the power of the community, and take advantage from others previous experience.


To sum up, this is a great entry point into a technical community in which everybody can share, learn and grow.

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