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Jumpstart Your Tech Career with AWS Community Builder!

Should I become a AWS Community Builder?

For those from underrepresented or remote areas, or who have graduated but do not have hands-on experience or the skills to compete, the AWS Community Builder Program provides essential exposure, guidance, and support. Through training sessions on soft skills and technical skills growth, connecting individuals with mentors, and providing access to resources, the AWS Community Builder Program can help newcomers hone their skills and become ready for the world.

Being a newbie in the tech industry from a underrepresented or remote areas,can be daunting. It takes a lot of effort to reach the standards to develop something extraordinary, and often newbies are unable to access the mentorship and guidance they need to get started. Fortunately, the AWS Community Builder Program provides a great opportunity for early professionals to get their feet wet in the tech industry.It help newcomers hone their skills and become ready for the world.

Not only you can learn the fundamentals of working with AWS,launching AI/ML projects but you can also connect with other tech professionals and experienced AWS users in the community. Additionally, benefit from AWS's $500 credits, cloud academy courses and AWS open source projects, allowing you to create projects and applications with minimal cost. The AWS Community Builder Program is also very flexible and allows individuals to work on their own timeline, so you can fit it in around other commitments and activities.

From cloud academy you can learn about cloud computing, big data, programming, security and business management. From the sessions by the community you can learn story telling, startup pitching, content creation, etc and AWS services training. AWS Team and AWS Heroes are always available to guide you.
AWS provides certification vouchers for AWS exams to assist you in obtaining internationally recognized professional certification.

For those who have experience and have a portfolio, AWS provides a chance to be selected to travel to the biggest event of cloud computing, AWS Re:invent. They provide fully-sponsored travel to the event.

The application form for the program is currently closed and is scheduled to re-open in July 2023. To be notified when the form re-opens, please add your name to the waitlist.

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