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JAWS DAYS 2021 Speaker Experience


My name is Yasuhiro Matsuda and I am a core member of JAWS-UG Kanazawa Chapter. This is my first post on as an AWS Community Builder. I am an infrastructure engineer for a dictionary search service called DONGRI at East Co, Ltd.

My social networking sites are as follows.
Twitter: @matyuda
LinkedIn: yasuhiro-matsuda-31945b13a
Facebook: yasuhiro.matsuda.100

Today I would like to announce JAWS DAYS 2022 and explain why I will be speaking at JAWS DAYS 2021 for the first time. I will explain why I spoke at JAWS DAYS 2021 for the first time.

What is JAWS DAYS 2022?

JAWS DAYS 2022 will be held on Oct. 8, the largest event for AWS user groups in Japan.
Last year, 3,945 participants registered for the event.

JAWS DAYS 2020 and JAWS DAYS 2021 were online events, but This year's event will be a hybrid format of online and satellite venues throughout Japan.

The Kanazawa Chapter is also planning to set up a satellite venue.
I will support this event as the JAWS-UG Secretary General.

How did I get to be the first speaker at JAWS DAYS 2021?

The first time I attended JAWS DAYS was at JAWS DAYS 2021.
I had heard that JAWS DAYS was a very big offline event, but without knowing the atmosphere of the event, I decided to speak at the online event.

I was inspired to take the stage because I was a member of the executive committee.
I became a member of the executive committee because I was asked to speak by Mr. Yamaguchi, the executive committee chair at the time.
I first met Mr. Yamaguchi on-site in Las Vegas when I attended re:Invent, a major annual AWS event, on my own dime in 2018, and we have never met online since. We had never met before, but I was asked to be a part of this event because of my online hands-on collaboration events.

The theme of JAWS DAYS 2021 was re:Connect.
As a member of the executive committee, I am where I am today because of the relationships I have made with people, and as a member of JAWS-UG, I thought I could be of some help, so I decided to accept the position of executive committee member and also apply for the session.

As a core member of the Kanazawa Chapter, I was invited to participate in the session together with Mr. Kato from the same chapter, Mr. Ogura from the Sapporo Chapter, Ms. Sotodate from the Student Chapter, and Mr. Hirano from the Oita Chapter.
I was invited to the meeting, which was called "Getting hints for revitalizing JAWS-UG chapter activities!", we went online and talked for 40 minutes about issues facing chapter activities.

Incidentally, I have never actually met Mr. Ogura, Ms. Sotodate, or Mr. Hirano offline until now.
I took the stage as a moderator, but I was so nervous that I thought I could hear my heart beating, even though I could not see everyone watching online.

I think it was the centripetal force of the JAWS-UG group that allowed us to discuss things as if we were friends that I have met often. Unlike the other sessions, the content of this session was completely non-technical, but I was able to receive feedback from many people.

I was hesitant to speak because it was not a technical topic, but I was reminded of how important it is to be bold in your output.

Why don't you all take the plunge and become speakers?

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