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Introducing AWS Budget Templates

AWS recently unveiled a budget template with suggested configurations to assist both new and existing customers in setting budgets to manage their AWS cloud costs. With a one-page approach, budget templates make it easier to start using AWS budgets. This is a far simpler alternative to the 5-step approach needed for customizing a budget (advanced) option. Template option is especially useful for those who might be new to setting up AWS budgets and just want something simple.

The budget template option will appear when you start creating a new budget, as shown in the image below.

Image description

There are basically three templates to choose from:

1. Zero spend budget - Create a budget that notifies you once your spending exceeds AWS Free Tier limits.

2. Monthly Cost budget - Create a monthly budget that notifies you if you exceed, or are forecasted to exceed, the budget amount.

3. Daily Savings Plans coverage budget - Create a coverage budget for your Savings Plans that notifies you when you fall below the defined target.

The Zero Spend budget template is my favorite of the three. Anyone learning to utilize AWS free tier services should be using this template in order to avoid receiving an unexpectedly high AWS bill. Setting up this budget option is really simple. The remainder of the post will lead you through the setup process.

Step 1: Navigate to the AWS budget service page.

Step 2: Select "Use a template (simplified)" Budget setup option and "Zero spend budget" Template option.

Image description

Step 3: Enter the recipient's email address, who will be notified when the zero balance threshold has been exceeded. And finally, click the "Create budget" button to create the budget.

Image description

When you now navigate to the Budgets overview page, you will see your Zero Spend budget displayed in the list.

Image description

If you breach the zero spend threshold, you will now receive an email similar to the one I received below.

Image description

Anyone beginning to use AWS free tier services for either building a simple application or simply learning AWS should at the very least set up an AWS budget using the template.

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