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I revived ValleyRAG in PartyRock to find the rumors behind OpenAI CEO's firing. LLMFAO!

TL;DR: Meet "I'm Feeling Dirty", the new Valleywag ValleyRAG, written in the shiny, awesome, free, PartyRock (PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground):'m-Feeling-Dirty%22

Read what our "journalists" had to say about OpenAI's ouster of Sam Altman:
Fake but hilarious news

The Silicon Valley rumor mill today is HOT with talk of former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's departure, after being fired by OpenAI's board of directors. Company Slacks everywhere are brimming with chatter about what could cause a company to declare that it "no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI" for their CEO who grew them from a ~15B to ~80B company in three years as its leader. With Altman's firing, OpenAI's board chair/president/cofounder Greg Brockman abruptly quit. With his departure OpenAI's board is now down to four people and is unlike any corporate board of a company this size--OpenAI is a non-profit (sort of).

What a day. But to top it all off, no one expected this to happen. Journalists in the middle of all-things-tech like Kara Swisher and Casey Newton were caught surprised (for what it's worth, so was Greg Brockman!). What I found missing were the ultra-"creative" works, like the tech versions of the TMZs and even National Enquirers of the world. We used to have Valleywag, F*ckedcompany, and so on, to make up crazy things about the tech world and occasionally find some bitter truths. Today there's still Blind, and a rapidly dying Tw*tter, but I still felt a gaping void. Where can we look next?

Welcome, our generative AI robot overlords, working through Amazon's Bedrock service, all made simple and free by PartyRock.

In about one minute, from URL opening to getting a news story out, I created an app in AWS' new PartyRock service. I used a quick, plain language prompt of Ask for the name of a few tech companies. Use those tech company names to generate tabloid-like fictional news stories about rumors relating to those companies. It should be similar to Valleywag, F*ckedcompany, or The Register in writing style. The app was ready! I entered my input in the "companies" field as "Microsoft, OpenAI", and out came popped news story.

It didn't do exactly what I wanted.

I desired more dirt, so I altered the field-embedded prompt to include some potential topics of interest and journalistic styles that might work. I set the model to Jurassic as the Claude model objected to toothy rumor-mongering. I added a fun generated image that is built from a concatenation of the user input, the LLM output, and my additional context.

My new ValleyRAG can be tested here. Sign in with any Amazon, Apple, or Google account, and you can try it now! You've probably already tried out AI tools like ChatGPT that let you talk to a large language model in the form of a chatbot, where you type some inputs, and get responses from the LLM.

PartyRock takes generative AI apps to the next level, while maintaining the simplicity you have in something like a chatbot interface. Beyond chatbots, the advantages PartyRock has are:

  • a basic input and output model -- you can have multiple inputs and feed them into an LLM, or even feed your LLM output into another LLM or image generator.
  • The app model is remarkably simple and intuitive. My children made a fun app in a single descriptive command! Their app could have been simplified in a chatbot, but putting things into a multipanel UI rather than a single scrolling chat makes a big difference.
  • LLMs that you can choose! Different models have different advantages--some are faster to run, some more detailed, some more creative. By the way, PartyRock does not call them LLMFAOs.
  • SHARING! If there's one big thing I'd like to scream to the rooftops about, it's sharing! For a year, people have been sharing ChatGPT discussions by screenshotting them (is the jpeg industry behind this??). Eventually ChatGPT released a "Share link to chat" feature, but it's slow, clunky, buggy--and most importantly, others cannot reuse your chat. In PartyRock, you can share links to Apps, share links to Snapshots which are Apps with pre-filled fields, and it's glorious! You can view publicly shared apps, see exactly how they work, and remix them to make your own app.
  • Education. ChatGPT taught us that LLMs have reached a point where they are useful and can communicate competently in natural language. PartyRock teaches us that Gen AI puts the ability to create useful, fun, no-code apps into the hands of people with zero experience. For those of you with a more technical bent, PartyRock will open your eyes to what's possible with a LLMs, some natural language prompting/context, and a very simple API (what Bedrock and other providers offer).

To sum up, here's what you should do to read ValleyRAG, or to write your own version of it:

  1. Sign in to PartyRock
  2. Open up my ValleyRAG app at'm-Feeling-Dirty%22
  3. Try it out! Enter in your own inputs and see what happens, edit some of the fields to make it your own.
  4. Share your favorites. Here's an example of a snapshot I shared. Post your favorite snapshots, your fantastic remixes, and any other fabulous apps you create in the comments!

Hope to see you all next week at re:Invent in Las Vegas--and don't forget the #1 re:Invent tip--avoid walking through the smoky casino floors!, and check out my re:Invent 2023 dev talk, Thursday Nov 30, 1:30 PM, on the expo floor, next to the AWS Developer Lounge and Modern Apps area!

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