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Have you ever felt the cost of a certification voucher an obstacle in your quest to build a career in the cloud? Will you benefit from a free AWS certification voucher? Then, you will find this sensational: There are a number of ways to get 100% free vouchers for AWS certifications. This short article focuses on one way to obtain a free AWS certification voucher for foundational and Associate-level certifications, namely, by joining the AWS Emerging Talent Community. Toward the end, I list 7 other ways to obtain an AWS certification voucher.

What is the AWS Emerging Talent Community? The official page for the program says it โ€œ is an exclusive, invite-only platform designed to help learners from AWS Academy, AWS Educate, and AWS re/Start advance their cloud skills and pursue cloud careers. Joining the community grants you access to personalized content recommendations, AWS Certification preparation resources and discount vouchers, and more! โ€œ(

Although you can only join the community by invitation, there is a fairly straightforward process to receive the invite. I received the invitation to join the community in July 2022, after I earned a digital badge from AWS Educate. You can earn a digital badge from AWS Educate in the next few hours. Just create a free account at After creating the account, use the filter feature to identify courses that offer a badge. You will be in line to be invited to the ETC after completing any badge-eligible course.

Other AWS Education Programs through which you can be granted access to the AWS Emerging Talent Community are AWS Academy and AWS re/Start.

After joining the community you can earn points by completing challenges. The more challenges you complete, the more points you earn which you can redeem for rewards like AWS certification vouchers.

The benefits of joining the AWS Emerging Talents Community extend beyond receiving a certification voucher. Another reward I redeemed recently was the AWS Mentor Program, which provides early cloud talent with mentorship. The ETC is for me the best equivalent of a cloud daily newspaper- where I find curated technical and career-related content, among others. The community is also an excellent place to network with others who are also on a cloud learning journey.

There are other ways to obtain free AWS certification vouchers.I have personally received free AWS certification vouchers from :(1)the AWS Community Builders Programme,(2) the All Builders Welcome Grant scholarship, (3) the AWS New Voices foundational speaker training program (4) participating in the Get AWS Certified โ€“ Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge organized by AWS Training and Certification.

Other ways to obtain a free certification voucher include: (5) Joining and being an active AWS User group member, (6) becoming an AWS Authorised Instructor, or (7) becoming an AWS Cloud Captain

Disclaimer: I am no official mouthpiece of the AWS Community. This piece only seeks to share my personal experience on the subject matter. Moreover, these benefits and the rules regarding how to obtain them are subject to change. If you want a free AWS Certification voucher, why not act now?

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Shamim Ansari

Great info!

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Neil B

Are they still doing this? A lot of things like re/start went sideways with the freeze & layoffs last fall, and I haven't heard of anyone receiving their first badge being invited this year.

effrim profile image

Well, as I mentioned in the post, I do not work with the AWS Education programs team. I can only say that the official page for the ETC is yet to publicise any change to that effect.