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How to prepare for AWS Data Analytics cert exam ?

I got some q after I passed it on 11/30. So try to summarize:
1/ take any Data Analytics course from Stéphane Maarek, Frank Kane, John Hanna, Brock Tubre, Stuart Scott in #udemy, #acloudguru , #cloudacadmey, and/or the official course from AWS Skill Builder!

2/ Read AWS official docs, e.g. FAQs and Best practices - I often found some q from FAQs, e.g. If you do not read these, then you are like leaving the money on the table.

3/ Practice More Qs - go read my last post on how to get AWS official practice questions for FREE. You need to be familiar with the format, length, difficulty to pass the exams.

You also need the master the technique of reading/spotting the KEY words of the q, e.g. the MOST COST EFFICIENT WAY this and that ? The LEAST CODING CHANGE, etc.. ?

I rem I got a q asking for most cost efficient solution, then need to choose "SINGLE AZ" design because no data traffic cost in single AZ, etc.. But in reality, I never design any single AZ because of (lack of) reliability!

You can use #tutoraldojo Jon Bonso practice exams and/or those courses from #cloudacademy, #acloudguru (they got hundreds of q and I took them a few times x65 q each to reinforce my memory and learning.

4/ do more hands on labs - I cannot rem well till I try it hands on ! There often some options in the exam non-sense and I often can tell easily from my lab experience.

5/ set a DEADLINE - I accidentally got an exam voucher expired on 11/30, so take the EXAM the VERY LAST day. Otherwise, I will sure take it in Nov 2022 : ) Take the SHOT as in my daily basketball game, if you do NOT TAKE the SHOT, then you will never MAKE it !

6/ Suffer a few hours of LIKELY TEMPORARY BRAIN DAMAGE and Pass the exam and then print it out to hang it on my WALL (Hall) of FAME : )

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