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How to get Clone a private Github repo!?

Hello all,

I had a simple problem with git clone a private repo to my desktop, I tried many commands from StackOverflow and other websites and issues from GitHub, and nothing my issue not solved

today I solved my problem and want to share my solution with you

everything is about the access token to get access now,

Create Personal Access Token on Github
From your Github account, go to Settings => Developer Settings => Personal Access Token => Generate New Token (Give your password) => Fillup the form => click Generate token => Copy the generated Token, it will be something like ghp_sFhFsSHhTzMDreGRLjmks4Tzuzgthdvfsrta

after that in your command type

https://<PERSONAL-ACCESS-TOKEN><user_name"the owner user name " >/<repo_name>.git
that's it, your repo will get cloned correctly and without any disruptions

Note: I copied this post from my classmate @kareemnegm who passed away this year. So please, pray to him. God’s mercy for you, Kareem❤💚🤍💔💔


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