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Ganesh Swaminathan for AWS Community Builders

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Holiday Wishes to our Community (Managers)!

As 2022 draws to a close, I wanted to reflect upon the AWS Community Builder program that I am part of and specifically thank our Community Managers for building and sustaining this awesome initiative.

Meeting other Community Builders at re:Invent 2022 was one of the recent highlights and we wanted to do something special for our community managers and we came up with some questions we would all answer about the program as a way to help others get a perspective.

What surprises you most about the community builders program?

The sheer diversity of the community is just awesome. We have representatives from so many different countries, so many different cultures, education and socio-economic backgrounds, languages spoken etc that it is refreshing to see them all collaborate over our community slack and in other forums.

We also have a huge diversity in experience with Cloud / AWS from students who are learning / building out in the open to others who get selected as "Heroes" and even get hired into Amazon.

What’s your background and your experience with AWS?

I have been in the Tech Industry 25 years working mainly for financial services organizations. I have almost a decade of experience working with AWS in various forms but have been deeply involved in the last 5+ years. My role is primarily as an Enterprise Cloud Architect.

What’s the biggest benefit you see from the program?

I recently renewed for year 3 of the AWS Community Builder program and as part of the renewal process we were asked "Why do you want to continue". The biggest benefit for me has been meeting and helping people (who are relatively new to Tech / AWS) and learning from that process. Giving back on my years of experience to new starters and also learning from others who have deeper / wider experience is the single most important thing I get from this program (beyond all the benefits like certification vouchers, AWS Credits for experiementation, webinars, early access under NDA, training offers and I could keep going on!).

What’s the next swag item that you would like to get?

I am told the year 3 renewal has a "Surprise" in offer. I am all for anything that is sustainable and isn't novelty and this is one theme we share with our Community Managers who are constantly looking for feedback and improving the quality of SWAG we get.

One "Benefit" above the swag I am really looking forward to in 2023 is access to the full "Skills Builder" platform that AWS is now pushing. There is now a paid tier with lots more labs, skills to learn, courses and ofcourse achievement "Badges".

2023 goal : enjoy the learning / get ALL the Badges!

What are you eating for dinner today? Share the recipe!

I was born and spent my first two decades in South India. One of the famous dishes there is called "Ven Pongal" (Rice & Lentils). I am not sharing my Grandmothers secret recipe as she adds some special ingredients (that you normally only get back in South India) - but here is an internet recipe. This is the savoury version and there is a sweet version of this too! Both dishes are normally cooked to celebrate "Harvest Festival" in January and that is one way of "Giving Thanks" which seems apt for today's post.

Is there anything else you would like to share about the community builders program in 2022?

The program has grown from strength to strength this year and this is mainly due to the Community Managers and bringing in a thriving cohort every year. I am really thankful to them and I am happy to continue in this program and here's to a great 2023 after a (hopefully) refreshing Holiday Break.

Thank you Community Managers!

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Jason Dunn [AWS]

Great write-up Ganesh, thank you for sharing it. ❤️

Merry Christmas! 🎄

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