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Hello DEV Community!

I signed up for a DEV account only to join the exclusive DEV Organisation created for AWS Community Builders to use and publish quality content.

I always wanted to write blogs/articles to share knowledge however, never got enough time to give it a chance and until now, I was only using this platform to check out the great articles written by my co-Community Builders.

After a lot of procrastination, finally, I have decided to start my journey of writing articles/blogs and I would like to give this credit to AWS Community Builder program which pushed and motivate me to give it a shot.

It is an absolute honour to be part of this program where you get the opportunity to learn and grow together by sharing knowledge, networking with great and talented people from all over the world, and helping each other in every possible way.

To give back to the community, I would like to start off by writing a post on the Significance of Migration & Governance on AWS.

PS: I chose this topic because I got selected to be part of this category in AWS Community Builder program so decided to go with it first :)

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