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Have you ever used AWS CDK Explorer for VS Code?

Do you know that the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code includes CDK Explorer? This feature will be great functionality, especially when you want to maintain an overwhelmed infrastructure managed by AWS CDK. However, if you haven't used AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, please install the extension by searching AWS Toolkit in the search box of the extension marketplace.

search toolkit

For the complete guide, you may check the documentation here.

My Previous Repositories Which Used AWS CDK

I have some repositories that use AWS CDK. I'm often using AWS CDK for managing my infrastructure to complement Terraform. If you want to learn AWS CDK, please visit this documentation.

You may use one of those repositories for hands-on AWS CDK Explorer.

Let's try AWS CDK Explorer

For example, for the my-personal-web-api-infra, I provision a simple application and use AppSync and DynamoDB to support the application. As you can see, the AWS CDK Explorer will show the infrastructure tree.

CDK Explorer

Additional Topic

Do you know that Amazon Q is also in preview released within the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code? Please visit this page to learn more about Amazon Q. Amazon Q is a new feature announced at re:Invent 2023.

I also try the Amazon Q in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code. I believe this is also a cool feature! Please check this video.

So, What Do You Think?

What do you think about that feature? In my opinion, the AWS CDK Explorer might need a filter/search feature so we can check the specific ID or resource. So, what feature do you want to add to AWS CDK Explorer? Let's share it here. Thank you for reading.

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