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Go Build in the Cloud Pt2

Security is one of the pillars of the well architected framework,the framework is the guideline and manual that describes basic and important key concepts of navigating in the cloud.
These include the design principles,architectural practises for designing and running workloads in the cloud
Security is baked into every layer of deployment on AWS because it is a priority and the goal of the security pillar of the framework.
The goal of is to always deploy secure workloads and while doing so,consider following design principles :

  • Execute a strong identity foundation

  • Make every action easily traceable

  • Put in security at all layers

  • Automate security best practices

  • Protect data in transit and at rest

  • Make exposure to your data be in barest minimum

  • Prepare for security incidences'

Security of the cloud is the principal duty and offering of AWS to anyone who interacts or builds with them.The main purpose is establish a relationship of trust as demonstrated by the shared responsibility model.
While your workloads are secured in the relationship because the security of the cloud is top tier with your partner give security in the cloud a premium place in building.

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This is good and detailed 😇