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Gateway VPC Endpoints on AWS

For our services, if we want to have internet access, we route the traffic via an internet gateway.

However, there may be cases where we we don't want our network traffic to go through the public internet, we could utilise vpc endpoints, with vpc endpoints, we are able to access aws services via a private network.

A gateway vpc endpoint targets ip routes in a prefix list that belong to an aws service. Supported services are: AWS S3 and DynamoDB

Below architecture diagram of a gateway vpc endpoint showcases the implementation:
vpc-endpoints-architecture image

Gateway VPC Endpoints Example:

Guide to creating a gateway vpc endpoint.
alt text

On the vpc dashboard click on the endpoints tab, then create endpoint button on the right.
alt text

Choose the name of the endpoint being created, For this demo, we use the aws services category,
alt text

Use the filter: Type = Gateway for us to create a gateway vpc endpoint then, choose the service name type to be created then choose your private vpc and which route table for the prefix list entries to be added to.
alt text

Choose the VPC endpoint policy to be used when accessing the resources and tag your resources for effective cost tracking.
alt text

Our route table will have new entries added with the prefix list of the service we're connecting to:
alt text

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