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Free AWS Digital Badges - Boost Your Career and Job Prospects

AWS is offering free Digital Badges as part of its training program. These are some great ways to get hours of free training from AWS and get certified.

All the steps to get yourself started are listed in the link below.

  1. Register for a free AWS Skill Builder account.

  2. Enroll in select Learning Plans that offer a digital badge upon passing the corresponding assessment.

  3. Complete the assessment associated with the learning plan with at least an 80% score.

  4. Create a Credly account to claim your digital badge.

Bellow are the listed trainings provided free digital badges.

  1. Migration Foundations (new!):

  2. Networking Core (new!):

  3. Cloud Essentials:

  4. Media & Entertainment:

  5. Architecting:

  6. AWS for Games:

  7. Serverless:

  8. Object Storage:

  9. Block Storage:

  10. File Storage:

  11. Storage Data Migration:

  12. Data Protection & Disaster Recovery:

Full credit to above list goes to Viktoria Semaan ( You can follow her in LinkedIn for some of the great content she is sharing related to AWS.

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