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Exploring Computer Vision at the Edge with Amazon Panorama



On this episode, Omar Zarka, GM of Amazon Panorama, dives deep into the structure of Amazon Panorama, a machine learning appliance and software development kit that brings computer vision to on-premises internet protocol cameras. Omar discusses how Amazon Panorama can make accurate predictions, how to reduce operational overhead, and how to improve the experience for customers.

"One thing that customers love a lot about the Panorama experience is the ease to set up the device. When you buy a device, in five minutes you have your device set up on your network. And not only is the device software stack secured top to bottom but it's connected to our service and you have a reliable connection." Omar Zarka, GM of Amazon Panorama

Time Stamps

  • (02:02) How Omar got started with Amazon Panorama
  • (03:05) The genesis of Panorama as a service
  • (06:02) Edge computing compared to cloud computing
  • (10:24) Installation of Hardware with Amazon Panorama
  • (14:17) How customers capture data from multiple accounts
  • (20:14) Omar’s favorite use cases of Amazon Panorama
  • (25:13) Three best practices when using Amazon Panorama
  • (28:29) Best cost related practices when using Amazon Panorama

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