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Earn (AWS Credits) while you Learn! (Bonus: 75% off AWS exams!)

Did you know that you can earn upto $80 AWS Credits while learning all about AWS Services? AND possibly get some discounts on AWS Certification Exams?

AWS hold FREE Online conferences where you can earn $25 or $50 or even $80 in AWS credits. All you need to do is attend live, enjoy the content and provide feedback! Credits can be useful for those who want to get hands on practice on AWS and are worried about over-shooting the free tier.

🆕 Bonus Opportunity!

The EMEA event on 9th March added ways to obtain 75% off the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Associate or Professional exams. This looks to have been an EMEA event special but its great news anyway.

Past events : AWS Innovate - Data & AI/ML Edition

March 14,2023 (Americas Timezone friendly : Example : 12pm-4pm eastern) :

This event offered 50% off Associate exams.

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March 9, 2023 (EMEA Timezone friendly : Example: 9am London to 2pm London) :

EMEA offers

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Notes / frequently asked questions everytime I mention this topic:

  • The actual event is free and is held online. There are no costs to join and you only need your time / energy and a device on the internet
  • The Online conference is focused on AI / ML / Data but there are multiple tracks and over 50 sessions to choose from with content aimed at beginners to experts
  • Caveat : the Americas event does not have the same FAQ entry confirming the Credits offer like the EMEA one.
  • There is an event feedback form which you can fill it anytime through the conference timings - this should usually earn you $25. You need to do this while the conference is LIVE - not before / after.
  • You need to actively participate in the conference as at the end of each video session, there is a feedback form asking feedback on content and the presenter. You need to do this while the conference is LIVE - not before / after. You need to watch 4 video sessions at minimum and provide feedback.
  • Credits will take time to come through (June / July)
  • The credit is typically a simple code that can be applied to your account. That means you need to have an AWS account in the first place to add credits to. If you have issues creating an account, this may not help you or act like a replacement for a credit/debit card.
  • AWS Credits only work for some services - you cannot buy domain names with them for example.
  • AWS Credits also cannot be exchanged for Exam Vouchers or pay for exam fees or anything else that Amazon sells or AWS offers
  • The conference has plenty of other benefits beyond just Credits like almost a hundred sessions, slides with details, links to online and other resources, ebooks, Q&A with AWS SME's etc.
  • After the day of the event, all content becomes available on-demand till the next conference - so if you liked something you can share it out
  • READ the FAQ please - lots of detail there on limits for number of people who will get vouchers, the activities you need to perform to be eligible etc.

So - what are you waiting for? Go register!

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aditmodi profile image
Adit Modi

This is such a great opportunity to learn and earn AWS credits at the same time!
Thanks for sharing this information. I've attended similar events in the past and they were really informative and helpful in getting started with AWS. 🙌💯

kirschd profile image

I think these were for EMEA based attendants, right?

vattybear profile image
Ganesh Swaminathan

Please see the updated article.
US based attendants joining event today (14-March) and an exam prep on 10th april could get an offer of 50% off Associate exams.