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Connect to an Amazon EC2 instance using your web browser and Amazon EC2 Instance Connect


Step 1

In the AWS Management Console search bar, enter EC2, and click the EC2 result under Services:

Step 2

Navigate to instances

Step 3

Select your instance and click Connect:

Image description

The Connect to your instance form will load.

Step 4

In the form, ensure the EC2 Instance Connect tab is selected:

Image description

You will see the instance's Instance ID and Public IPv4 address displayed.

Step 5

In the User name textbox, enter ubuntu.

Step 6

To connect to the instance using a browser-based shell, click Connect:

Image description

A browser-based shell will open in a new window and you will see a shell similar to:

Image description

You can also connect to the instance using your preferred SSH client and the PPK (Windows) or PEM (Mac/Linux) key files like I explained in a previous post.


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