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Configure a privately hosted Git repository for EMR Studio

By default, you can access GitHub and GitLab from the studio workspace. If you are using a private Git repository, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Studio: You should use a VPC with private subnets that have a NAT gateway to enable communication with the internet.
  2. Ensure that the security group for the default workspace has an outbound rule allowing HTTPS traffic on port 443 to the destination
  3. Create VPC Endpoint:
  • Make sure the endpoint uses private subnets.

  • Confirm that the security group attached to the endpoint allows inbound rules for HTTPS traffic on port 443 with the source set to either "Your VPC Address" or "".

  • Upload the following configuration file into your Amazon S3 storage location that is used for your Studio in a folder called life-cycle-configuration:

GitServerDnsName - The DNS name of your Git server. For example "".

GitServerIpV4List - A list of IPv4 addresses that belong to your Git servers, the example VPC CIDR is, DNS is

        "Type": "PrivatelyHostedGitConfig",
        "Value": [
                "DnsServerIpV4": "",
                "GitServerDnsName": "",
                "GitServerIpV4List": [
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"If you are facing issues, you may need to stop the workspace and start it again."

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