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Chaos Engineering with AWS FIS ( Fault Injection Simulator )

Hi guys

Do you know what Chaos Engineering is?

Taking the definition from Gremlin itself:

Chaos Engineering is a disciplined approach to identifying failures before they become outages.
By proactively testing how a system responds under stress, you can identify and fix failures before they make the news.
Chaos Engineering lets you compare what you think will happen to what actually happens in your systems.
You literally "break things on purpose" to learn how to build more resilient systems.

And it is with this explanation that I invite you to know:

AWS FIS ( Fault Injection Simulator )

A fully managed service for running fault injection experiments to improve an application's performance, observability, and resiliency.
AWS FIS simplifies the process of setting up and running controlled fault injection experiments across a variety of AWS products so teams can build confidence in their application's behavior.

I did a demo of the solution in my last talk at a Brazilian event called "TDC Connections"

The demo can be seen below:

I'm also providing the git repository with the steps to "crack your application on purpose":


Repositório Criado Para Lab do Serviço da AWS FAULT INJECTION SIMULATOR

Passo a Passo da Instalação

1 - Crie Uma Conta AWS

2 - Crie uma VPC Padrão na AWS

3 - Execute as Stacks de CloudFormation e Componentes Disponíveis Nesse Repositório e Se Divirta

4 - Crie seu Primeiro Experimento

5 - Valide seu ambiente antes do Experimento

6 - Execute o Experimento 1 e Valide os Resultados

7 - Execute o Experimento 2 e Valide os Resultados

Documentação AWS FIS



PS.: I recorded the video in Brazilian Portuguese, but you will be able to use the Closed Captions feature to insert the subtitle you prefer.

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indika_wimalasuriya profile image

Thank you for sharing this informative video on AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS)! It's great to see more resources becoming available to help teams improve their resilience.