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Yasuhiro Matsuda for AWS Community Builders

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AWS Summit Tokyo 2023 experience

This blog is about two events held during the AWS Summit Tokyo 2023 held over two days on April 20th and 21st.

Now, after four months, I have organized what I have learned through this event.

AWS Community Builder Meetup

In conjunction with the AWS Summit Tokyo 2023 event on Day2, I and Mr. Michael Tedder called out to AWS Community Builders in Japan and held an AWS Community Builder Meetup.

AWS Community Builder, introduced by Mr. Enomoto, is a program in which those who contribute highly to the AWS community are selected by themselves and submit an application form in English, and if their activities are evaluated, they will be selected. There are ongoing reviews every year. I was unsuccessful once, but I reviewed my writing so that my activities could be objectively evaluated, and when I applied again at the next timing, I was selected for the second time.

I'm also featured in the AWS Community Builder introduction video.

Kento IKEDA is also introduced, so if you are interested in the AWS Community Builder program, please refer to it and try it.

Michael Tedder, who planned the event with me, was in charge of the session team together in the operation of JAWS DAYS2021, and is a builder that I respect for making the event a success.

There are 49 AWS Community Builders living in Japan who are registered in the Directory (as of August 17, 2023). You came to the venue.

Since we are talking to builders from all over the world, naturally the conversation is in English!

Two hours went by in the blink of an eye as we had a lot of interesting projects, such as setting up a special table for English conversation.

English only conversation table

The meeting was adjourned while looking forward to meeting the 2 builders who could not participate on the day and the 17 builders who were unable to attend on the day.

Commemorative photo at AWS Community Builder Meetup

AWS User Community Leaders Meetup

The next day, an AWS User Community Leaders Meetup was held as an event hosted by AWS.

Commemorative photo at the AWS User Community Leaders Meetup

The event was held at the Kudan Kaikan Terrace Conference & Banquet, where you can see the Nippon Budokan in front of you. I had the opportunity to speak with a member.

JAWS-UG secretariat session

At the get-together, members talked about collaboration events, and it was decided that the following three events could be held at the Kanazawa chapter and the secretariat that I belong to.

Kanazawa chapter event
JAWS-UG Kanazawa #89 LT Tournament
JAWS-UG kanazawa x AWS Startup Community collaboration event to be held on 12/9

Secretariat event
The 2nd JAWS-UG Chapter Management Exchange Meeting

Also, on this day, a rock-paper-scissors competition was held to take over the golden jacket of Mr. Yokota of AWS Hero's Class Method Co., Ltd. Become a hero.

I am very grateful to be able to be among the IT engineers who are enthusiastic about the activities of the branch and gather together just for the commonality of using the AWS cloud service.

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