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AWS Shield: Your Digital Bodyguard in the Wild World of Cloud Computing

My dear friend, AWS Shield is a hero of yours AWS applications and resources. The firewall safeguards it from the annoying distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, which attempt to spoil the fun.

Consider it as a security personnel guarding your data at the gate of the ‘club’. It discovers them in advance so they cannot hurt your surroundings.

Lastly, AWS Shield is accompanied by its famous friends, AWS WAF and AWS Firewall Manager. Together they make an unbeatable defense shield against ill-intentioned net users.

But wait, there's more! AWS Shield’s ability to identify attacks at different levels of the network cake. SNORT traces troublemakers at both Layer 3, Layer 4 and even Layer 7 of the network.

Now, when you're at the AWS Shield store, you have two options on the menu:

Free of Charge AWS Shield Standard.

  • It protects you from L4, L7 and most common L3, L4 network and transport layer DDoS attacks.
  • This includes providing the CloudFront, Route 53, and AWS Global Accelerator services to protect your perimeter.

This is the superhero package – AWS Shield Advanced.

  • Provides you with a broader coverage against DDoS attacks, vulnerability exploits as well as nasty bots.
  • More resource types covered such as EC2, elastic ip, cloudfront etc.
  • Your 24/7 DDoS crisis hotline, the shield response team.
  • It protects against application-layer attacks.
  • Partnering together at layer 7 with AWS WAF.
  • Gives an improved lookout into real-time attack details.
  • Uses rapid handshake protocol with Route 53 for early attack detection.
  • Allows creating protective teams such as defending gangs for their assets.
  • Cost protection will be there with you during emergencies.
  • Associates with a centralized firewall manager.

But here's the deal: The other one costs a lot, its name being AWS Shield Advanced and its price is three thousand dollars per month under an obligatory subscription for 12 months. So, you are buying more assurance.

AWS Shield Standard tells you the global and account-wide level of visibility into exposed and incoming threats. That is as if you are welcoming the bad guys at your door.

The AWS Shield Advance, however, is a fully equipped security command centre. It gives complete information about your DDoS events, CloudWatch metrics and also enables you to monitor multiple accounts at once.

Thus, in the realm of AWS shield, you can have a go at either the entry-level bouncer or the superhero pack, whichever works best security for you.

Ultimately, AWS Shield plays the role of a cyberguard who protects your AWS services from cyberbullies in the end. Consider it as your personal security guard in the realm of cloud technology! 💪🛡️

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