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Amazon EC2 On-Demand Instance vCPUs limits

On-Demand Instance vCPUs limits

There is a limit on the number of running On-Demand Instances per AWS account per Region. On-Demand Instance limits are managed in terms of the number of vCPUs that your running On-Demand Instances are using, regardless of the instance type. Each limit specifies the vCPU limit for one or more instance families.

  • To see the current vCPUs limits of your account from AWS EC2 console
    • Enter "vcpu" in the "Find limits" to shortlist the limits
  • To find out the current running instances (of the same instance family of the EC2 type you want to check), go to EC2 console.
  • Calculate how many vCPUs you nee
    • You can use the vCPU limits calculator to see what will be the numbers for adding instances of certain type.
  • Request a limit increase
    • Even though EC2 automatically increases your On-Demand Instance limits based on your usage, you can request a limit increase if necessary. See Request a limit increase for details.

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