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AWS Data Lake with Terraform - Parts 6 of 6

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon Quicksight is a business intelligence application similar to such tools like Tableau, Qlik and Microsoft Power BI that allows you to run interactive queries on large datasets also very SPICE (Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory, Calculation Engine).

You can create visualizations and dashboards in Amazon Quicksight for the data stored in your data lake. Visualizations are key to help individuals and business owners get a simpler and intuitive view of the current and historical states of your business evolution.

Amazon QuickSight

picture above is from this link

resource "aws_quicksight_user" "my_quicks" {
  user_name     = "an-author"
  email         = ""
  identity_type = "IAM"
  user_role     = "AUTHOR"
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This introductory series of articles are for teams/people who are about to explore data lakes. One fact that I want you to take with you after reading this is that creating a data lake is removing CPUs overload capacity and is allowing individuals and businesses to downscale their most expensive database cluster. This in turn, allows them to focus less on their infrastructure and more on the powerful insight that comes from their data analysis.

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