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AWS Community Builders Program-All you need to know!!🌻

✨ What is AWS Community Builders program? ✨

The AWS Community Builders program is a global initiative by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that aims to encourage technical enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders to share knowledge and connect to the technical community by providing education, networking opportunities, and technical resources.

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In the article I will be explaining about all the things that one should know before applying for the AWS Community Builders Program.

✨ We will be talking about : ✨

βœ” Who can apply for the program?
βœ” Prerequisites needed for the program.
βœ” AWS Community Builder Categories
βœ” Why should you join the AWS Community Builders Program?
βœ” How to Get Accepted ?
βœ” How to apply ?
βœ” Perks of being AWS Community Builder
βœ” AWS Swags

✨ Who can apply for the program? ✨

βœ” You must be at least 18 years old.
βœ” Open to everyone worldwide (with the exception of nations that are subject to US embargo)
βœ” Twice a year, applications are examined and accepted.
old membership Eligible for all technical levels: Level 100 (Beginner), Level 200 (Intermediate), Level 300 (Advanced), Level 400 (Expert) Technical accuracy and community engagement can be more important than technical depth.
βœ” Membership lasts for a year, and you must re-apply every year to renew membership.

✨ Prerequisites needed for the program ✨

βœ” AWS Knowledge and Experience
It’s essential to have a thorough knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and practical experience with AWS services.
Knowledge of numerous AWS products, architectures, best practises, and implementation scenarios are included in this.

βœ” Community Engagement
Engagement with the AWS community and active participation in technical categories are highly regarded.

βœ” Content Creation
The program’s key component is the creation and dissemination of instructional content. This can be accomplished through publishing blog entries, producing videos or tutorials, giving talks, or participating in open-source initiatives.

✨ AWS Community Builder Categories ✨

AWS Community Builders are assigned to a very specific AWS topic or category, but they are not constrained to it.

The following categories:

  1. Networking and Content Delivery
  2. Storage
  3. Containers
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Serverless
  6. Gravitron / Arm Development
  7. Data (Databases, Analytics, Blockchain)
  8. Developer Tools
  9. Game Tech
  10. Mobile and Web Apps
  11. Management, Governance and Migration
  12. Security, Identity & Compliance
  13. Cloud Operations

You can choose either of the track as per your area of interest.

✨ Why should you join the AWS Community Builders Program? ✨

For those who are enthusiastic about AWS and the cloud community, joining the AWS Community Builders Programme can provide a number of advantages and opportunities.

Here are some benefits you might think about participating in the programme:

βœ” Recognition and Visibility

It will raise your professional profile and increase your exposure within the AWS community to be recognised as an AWS Community Builder, which is what the programme offers.

βœ” Networking Opportunities

You will have access to a network of like-minded professionals, AWS specialists, and other community builders when you sign up to become an AWS Community Builder. This network can offer beneficial contacts, opportunities for working together, and learning and development opportunities.

βœ” Learning and Skill Development

You will be exposed to a variety of AWS technologies, best practises, and use cases by participating in the programme. You may increase your technical proficiency, broaden your knowledge, and keep up with emerging trends and breakthroughs in the AWS ecosystem.

βœ” Collaboration and Collaboration Opportunities

The programme promotes teamwork among its participants, allowing you to work together on initiatives, projects, and community-focused events.

✨ How to Get Accepted ? ✨

βœ” Engage in the Community
Participate more frequently in the AWS community. Participate in user organizations, meetups, online forums, and social media channels devoted to AWS. Attend AWS events.

βœ” Create Unique & Valuable Content
While applying you have to provide 2 links of your original content created either 2 video content, 2 blogs or 1 video 1 blog. Make sure your content revolves around AWS and having no plagiarism.

βœ” Prepare Your Application Questions properly
You should write all the answers in the Application very properly because this is one of the most important filtration point. Review the AWS Community Builders program’s application specifications and rules. Pay close attention to the particular questions or prompts given and answer them completely.

✨ How to apply ? ✨

You can go to the below link for applying. You need to check first if the application window is open or not.

Twice a year they do open their application. You need to check if they have started accepting the applications of the same or not.

If they have not started the application window you can simply go and add your name to the waitlist. So that when they will start accepting the applications they will inform you about the same via mail.

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✨ What should you do once you are into the Program ? ✨

βœ” Engage in Virtual Calls .
βœ” Take advantage of mentoring possibilities.
βœ” Continue to share or create technical information.
βœ” Interact with the AWS community, and contribute to its growth.
βœ” Show a persistent desire to learn more about AWS.

✨ Perks of being AWS Community Builder ✨

βœ” Exclusive multiple sessions where they share their expertise and educate you how to create content.
βœ” AWS credit of 500$
βœ” 50% off AWS re:Invent tickets
βœ” One year of CloudAcademy access
βœ” One free certification voucher each year

✨ AWS Swags ✨

These are the swags you will receive if you are being ACB for the first year. They do have some other swags for 2nd year of the Program.

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✨ My post on Linkedin About being ACB : ✨

That should give you a good overview of the AWS community Builders programme, and I look forward to meeting you there.🌻

Please feel free to contact me on LinkedIn if you are unsure about anything or are having trouble understanding anything about the programme.

Thank you for reading🌻

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Devarshi Shimpi

Excited to be a part of it!🀞

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Gaurav Thalpati

Thanks for noting all these points in one blog. It's beneficial for folks who want to apply for the program. I often get asked about the program and the application process - I'll share this article with them.

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Elizabeth Benton

Very informative! Thank you for sharing. I have joined the waitlist and will hopefully have some projects done to apply if they open up applications in July. :)

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Avinash Dalvi

Very well explained.