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AWS Community Builders Holidays posts 2022

A very warm welcome from the AWS Community Builders to the 2022 Holiday Season!

As you might have heard or read before, during re:Invent 2022 a few AWS community builders went out to a "pre:Invent Hike" to the "Arizona Hot Springs" - and thats where the idea for operation "HotChowSprings" was born.
This is a VERY SECRET initiative that we are disclosing with this post :-)

When we (Jenn, Ganesh, Traian , Pubudu, Niklas, Richard, Oliver and Johannes) spent time together hiking, we had the idea to give our Community Management Team a little year end present.

So we have asked "a lot of" Community Builders to contribute with a series of Blog Posts answering a few small questions.

But first, lets mention our community team from AWS that supports the Community Builders (and other community projects) by name:
Ross Barich
Taylor Lacy
Albert Zhao
Ernesto Alvarez
Caroline Kerns
Jason Dunn
Karissa Fuller
Mark Pergola
Thembile Ndlovu
Maria Encinar
Nelly Andrade
Wesley Faulkner
Shafraz Rahim

Our community team supports us with a ton of different things:
They organize sessions and webinars with AWS teams or other Subject Matter Experts that help us to understand AWS servicies better or help us to level up our knowledge. We also had a fantastic session with Jeff Barr around "how to write technical blog posts" - the team brings in AWS leadership to educate us and hear our feedback as Community Builders. The team also manages the different program benefits (like certification vouchers, AWS credits) for us but even more important, the team answers EVERY single Slack message of more than 2500 community builders world wide (and I think at least I am asking on average 5 questions per week :-))

All posts that have been created as part of this initiative are meant to thank this amazing team that makes being part of the community awesome and makes us collaborate.
It is your dedication, responsiveness and your ideas that help all of us grow as part of the AWS Community Builders program.
(if you are interested to join after reading this, join the waitlist)

Happy Holidays

Besides some information from Community Builders around the program, what they like about it and what SWAG they love most, you'll also be getting a bunch of recipes for making your next dinner or lunch...different :-)
Let us know which recipe you like most!

Community Builders contributions

All posts tagged #cbchristmas2022

And with that - Happy Holidays Everyone!
Have a great start into 2023!

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alexandrammr profile image
Alex Radu

Thank you so much for organizing this and thank you to the entire program team and community for an amazing first year for myself as a CB.
You all are the best and hope you get some time to have fun and relax at the end of the year!

jennworks40 profile image
Jenn Bergstrom

Thank you, Johannes, for driving this initiative and for getting us all thinking about the things we are grateful for. Our community Team is fantastic and definitely deserves our thanks!

jasondunn profile image
Jason Dunn [AWS]

Great write-up, thank you for sharing it. ❤️

Merry Christmas! 🎄

dashapetr profile image
Darya Petrashka

Thanks a lot to all community and our organizers! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

pabloin profile image
Pablo Ezequiel Inchausti

Nice Post! Congrats!