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AWS Community Builders

*What the AWS Community Builders Program and how to get in.

The AWS Community Builders Program is an initiative undertaken by Amazon to offer not only technical resources but mentorship and networking opportunities to technical enthusiast interested in getting into cloud computing or looking connect with peers in the cloud computing realm.

Below are few reasons what you should apply

Curated technical resources
You will be eligible for AWS promotional credits
Get to join a private slack channel, hang around and learn from the bests in the field of cloud computing.
Get access to mentorship and networking opportunities
A surprise box containing swags.

Before applying
During the application process, applicants will be given the chance to select their area of expiries. You will find bellow the existing category from which each applicant will be free to choose from.

Developers tools
Game Tech
Networking and CDN
Machine Learning
Mobile and Web Apps
Security, Identify and Compliance
Management, Governance and Migration
Before applying to the program, it is important that you have an expertise in one of the categories above mentioned and also show a willingness to learn and contribute to the and share your knowledge and experience with the amazing builder's community
Before applying The AWS Community Builders Program, here are few that can increase your odds of being selected

Make sure that you have a blog and actively blogging about your area of expertise. If you don't have the means to get a personal website, you can use free services like or or or GitHub page to name these few resources.

Social Media Trail

When it comes to social media, I will highly recommend having a twitter account and leverage the hashtags that are related to the topics of your posts. I do. Feel free to follow me at @asksouley LinkedIn and Reddit and GitHub are also good place to spread the word about your skillsets

For those who would like to go the extra miles and are good at making video tutorials, making YouTube Videos are also a good way to increase your chance of getting selected

To learn more about the program, feel free to check the link below, it will lead you to the official amazon community builders program page.


*follow me *
Twitter: @asksouley

Good luck

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