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Amazon EC2 Master Class

In this series of blog I will discuss every key parts of Amazon EC2 that everybody should know.

What is EC2?

So, When you first start your cloud learning journey on AWS you heard the word EC2. But, What is EC2 and what can we do with EC2?

Ok, I will tell you what is EC2. First of all I believe you already know what is a Server.

But here i recap what a server is:

A server is a piece of hardware or software that offers a
service to a client—also known as another computer program—and
its user. The actual computer that a server program runs on is
usually referred to as a server in a data center.

What is a Server

So, EC2 is a virtual server that runs on a cloud providers (AWS) datacenter. That's it. Super cool! 😎

EC2 Logo

EC2 = Elastic Computing Cloud.

What is the Use of AWS EC2?

EC2 also allows users to build apps to automate scaling according to changing needs and peak periods, and makes it simple to deploy virtual servers and manage storage, lessening the need to invest in hardware and helping streamline development processes.

Next part we will discuss about the key components of AWS EC2 what makes the EC2 great.

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