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Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL now supports RDS Data API

By using RDS Data API (Data API), you can work with a web-services interface to your Aurora DB cluster. Data API doesn't require a persistent connection to the DB cluster. Instead, it provides a secure HTTP endpoint and integration with AWS SDKs. You can use the endpoint to run SQL statements without managing connections.

You can enable Data API when you create the Aurora DB cluster. You can also modify the configuration later. For more information, see Enabling RDS Data API.

Note- Currently, for Aurora MySQL, Data API and query editor aren't supported for Aurora Serverless v2 or for provisioned DB clusters.

Region and version availability
RDS Data API is available for the following types of Aurora DB clusters:

  • Aurora PostgreSQL using specific PostgreSQL versions. These clusters can use Aurora Serverless v2 instances, provisioned instances, or a combination of both.

  • Aurora Serverless v1 clusters using either Aurora PostgreSQL or Aurora MySQL.

Limitations with RDS Data API

  • RDS Data API (Data API) has the following limitations:
    You can only execute Data API queries on writer instances in a DB cluster.

  • With Aurora global databases, you can enable Data API on both primary and secondary DB clusters. However, until a secondary cluster is promoted to be the primary, it has no writer instance. Thus, Data API queries that you send to the secondary fail. After a promoted secondary has an available writer instance, Data API queries on that DB instance should succeed.

  • Performance Insights doesn't support monitoring database queries that you make using Data API.

  • Data API isn't supported on T DB instance classes.

  • For Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless v2 and provisioned DB clusters, RDS Data API doesn't support enumerated types.

Enabling RDS Data API when you create a database

While you are creating a database that supports RDS Data API (Data API), you can enable this feature. The following procedures describe how to do so when you use the AWS Management Console, the AWS CLI, or the RDS API.

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Enabling or disabling Data API (Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless v2 and provisioned)

Use the following procedures to enable or disable Data API on Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless v2 and provisioned databases. To enable or disable Data API on Aurora Serverless v1 databases, use the procedures in Enabling or disabling Data API (Aurora Serverless v1 only).

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more details RDS Data API for Aurora Serverless

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