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Ain't no party like a PartyRock! Introducing the new Amazon Bedrock Playground

I am thrilled to announce I've been selected as part of the Beta for the newly announced PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground! The product tagline is "Everyone can build AI apps with PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground" and I was blown away at how true that was once I started testing it out, congratulations to the team behind it!

What I really liked about PartyRock is it's a tool for educating users on how to build with generative AI and build intuition on prompt engineering whilst making building with generative AI accessible to everyone, or anyone with knowledge or access to the product. It is remarkably easy to get started but the more creative and precise you are with your instructions, the more remarkably it performs.

My first 3 apps with PartyRock

In this post I'll cover the 3 apps that I built with PartyRock and how the process and iterations to get to a decent final solution went, as well as 5 things I love about Party Rock. The 3 have very different goals and widget composition, ranging from simple to complex, to give you an idea of what is possible. There are also about a dozen of examples from the PartyRock builder team that you can start playing with, remixing or getting inspiration from!

Screenshot of PartyRock Backstage displaying my 3 first apps that I built

Let's get started:

#1 ✨🦄 Sparkle Launch: Your Magical Marketing Assistant

Description of app and purpose: Welcome to your magical product launch planner! Let's dream up an enchanting launch, including your tagline, logo, launch plan and marketing campaign, you just need to provide your product name and description.
Review: Very good overall on the written content, makes it all magical and unicorn like, the logo generator can use some work and tweaking as it's not always on point, but the team said they will be evolving the image generation capabilities.
Link to try it out!
Here's one of my snapshots, which is a saved example of using it with input that you can share.

#2 💰 FinEduPal - A Financial Education Assistant for Youth

Description of app and purpose: This app is an assistant that will help you learn about personal finance and money management, especially for youth, taking in as inputs your age and financial goals.
Review: I thought this performed even better than the magical marketing maker,however, the image generations, in this case a budget image failed me again, it did try to generate it but the quality and text was too blurry, Dali style, to be legible. The chat quality was really good, I asked it to calculate saving a certain amount on a base salary and it performed really well with advice and recommendations I didn't really consider as a potential answer. This was a remix of one of the PartyRock team's apps on the homepage!
Link to try it out!

#3 🎶 Songify

Description of app and purpose: This app is the simplest but also the most useful for me, that I'll use a lot, you just need to enter some keywords describing your mood or task to get Spotify playlist suggestions to get stuff done!
Review: This app does not only give you a few different playlist suggestions but also explains a bit why and how it picked them and how they align to your request and mood!
Link to try it out!

PartyRock Image generated by PartyRock from description saying it's super fun and let's you create new AI easily and quick

5 things I love about PartyRock

  1. It is a true playground, you get a certain amount of credits for free and you have full access to all features and widgets. You are encouraged to experiment and you have examples, docs and hints to make an app.

  2. It is fun and light, the UI is very clean and colour scheme is very light and fun, it doesn't hinder the experience and enables you to really focus on what matters, building the app, adding widgets and testing it by generating content.

  3. It opens up the world of generative AI to most people that have internet, a browser and basic literacy, it will make the experimental side of new tech and interactions more accessible to thousands of people that will interact with it, it's a bit like Figma, Podcaster or Canva, but for GenAI, which I find very innovative!

  4. The barrier to start using it and sharing your creations is so low and that makes it also a great educational tool for students and professionals alike, giving them a safe environment to try things out and also learn from mistakes, as well as understand machine operations better.

  5. It does have the potential to be used badly, but I do appreciate that there isn't an open marketplace of apps yet and hope that if that does indeed materialise it would be curated to prevent any misuse or damaging content. I like that the examples are from the central team but can see how a library of creations might be a next feature! I do hope the team will continue to be mindful of this as they grow the product and open it up to so many more!

I did have some issues at one point, when it was giving an error message there were too many widgets loading at the same time, however, that only lasted for about a minute, and we were warned we might be rate limited in the Beta, so no surprise there!

All in all, I've loved being involved in the Beta and playing in the PartyRock playground and eagerly await the next features and updates ✨🎉🦄

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