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3-part series on creating a Docker Nginx image on an EC2 instance using Amazon ECS, ECR and Application Load Balancer

For better understanding and reading purposes, I am linking all my previous 3 articles together with step-by-step instructions in this 3-part series, on how to create a Docker image, stored in the ECR Repository and how it is accessed from an Amazon ECS Cluster and the load balancer.

1st article - How to create a Docker Image with Nginx from an EC2 Instance and Push to ECR Repository

2nd article - Create Task Definition in ECS and Application Load balancer (ALB) for the Task which is to be run on Fargate Cluster

3rd article - Create Fargate Cluster and a Service which access Docker image with Nginx

Please visit my GitHub Repository for Docker/ECS/ECR articles on various topics being updated on constant basis.

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