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Having installed those two as suggested, I'm really pleased with the result - it's much closer to xmonad but so much more flexible than xmonad.

I think I'll write a post about how to achieve near-xmonad experience with these.

Thanks again for the pointer, this should get more votes imo :D


chunkwm looks very very interesting, I will certainly give that a go. The key thing I notice is that it supports moving focus of windows and it looks highly configurable, like xmonad.

Thanks you for the suggestion!

(Also, this tutorial looks like a good place to get started, for anyone interested.)


You've done the classic mixing of markdown hyperlink syntax. Also, putting "//" prefix uses the same protocol as the current page (http or https):



(btw, the way I remember the order of the brackets is "squares before paren's" - it sort of rhymes and has not failed so far)

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