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Supabase Beta July 2022

It’s happening! Launch Week is back ✊. We are preparing lots of product announcements and fun activities. Join us the week of August 15-19 for Launch Week 5️⃣.

We don't ship only during Launch Weeks, so this month we still bring you some great new stuff: Flutter SDK 1.0 (developer preview), Auth Helpers, pg_jsonschema, and more.

Launch Week Golden Ticket

Launch week golden ticket

Register for #SupaLaunchWeek 5 and if you are lucky, you may pull a golden ticket and win a limited edition Supabase goodie bag! Get a ticket.

Supabase Flutter SDK 1.0 developer preview

flutter sdk 1.0

Supabase Flutter SDK is getting a major update, with a big focus on developer experience. We shared a preview of what is to come so you can help us make it even better with your feedback. Read the blog.

Revamped Auth Helpers (now with SvelteKit support)

Sveltekit auth helpers

We've been hard at work making an Auth experience that is as smooth as possible for Supabase developers. The new Auth Helpers have a better experience for server-side rendering (SSR) environments, new Github structure, SvelteKit support, and more. Read the blog.

pg_jsonschema – A Postgres extension for JSON validation


Born as an excuse to play with pgx, pg_jsonschema is a solution we're exploring to allow enforcing more structure on json and jsonb typed postgres columns. Only 10 lines of code 😎

hCaptcha integration


The new hCpatcha integration allows you to implement captcha functionality for auth. Enable hCaptcha protection in the auth settings to stop bots attacks and protect your users' privacy. Captcha settings.

Updated Settings UI in dashboard


We've started updating our settings UI, starting with the Auth settings. You'll now see updated UI for setting up your Auth providers, Email templates and SMTP config. Auth settings

Quick product announcements

-  Email OTP now supports 6-10 digits length. PR
-  GenerateLink method now returns the email_otp, the hashed_token , the verification_type and the redirect_to. PR

Nuxt 3 Quickstart


There is a new quickstart in town. The guide, powered by NuxtSupabase, shows how to build a simple user management app using Supabase and Nuxt 3, including Database, Auth, Storage, and more. Get started.

Made with Supabase

made with supabase

BuyMeAPizza | A brand new, free, and open source service to accept donations in crypto on your website. Built with Next.js, Tailwind, Supabase, and Solana tools.

Discover other projects: Made with Supabase

Community highlights


The Supabase community is exploding and we’ve reached a point where we can’t fit everything into our monthly newsletter so here’s the full list of community updates from July:

  • Netlify announced a new webinar series, Web Ecosystem, and we get to be part of it. Blog Post
  • Implementing "seen by" functionality with Postgres. Blog Post
  • Open Source Startup Podcast with our CEO Paul Copplestone. Podcast
  • Scaleway listed 40+ of the best open-source tools to build your startup. Blog Post
  • Sign-up form with OTP and auto login using Supabase and Arengu. Guide
  • Setup Supabase with Nest.js. Tutorial
  • Loading SportsDB data into Supabase. Tutorial
  • Introduction to Supabase: Postgres Database using Python. Tutorial
  • Supabase and SWR to fetch data updates in realtime using React Hooks. Tutorial
  • Protected routes using Next.js Edge Middleware & Supabase. Tutorial
  • Supabase backend demo with Bravo Studio. Video
  • Building a live demo with Supabase and AppSmith. Video
  • Auto-generated documentation in Supabase. Tutorial
  • Speeding Up Bulk Loading in PostgreSQL. Blog Post
  • Installing React-Admin In A Remix App. Tutorial
  • How to set up Supabase in React? And Some Useful Tips. Tutorial
  • My approach to authentication with Next.JS, Prisma & Supabase. Guide

We’re hiring

Come join one of the fastest growing open source projects ever 🤗

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