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3.1.0 is the first minor release after Nuxt 3.0 is out

Hi Vue developers! this is the very first release after Nuxt becomes stable.
The latest release of Nuxt, version 3.1.0, brings a host of new features and improvements to the framework. This release includes bug fixes and enhancements and new experimental features such as component Islands and server-only components. Island feature, I like it really.

What’s changed

One of the major highlights of this release is the significant improvements made to the documentation and website, which can already be seen on the NuxtJs GitHub release page. New composables such as onNuxtReady, useNuxtData, and useSeoMeta have been added, as well as an experimental config schema for module or theme authors.

In terms of performance, this release includes an upgrade to Nitropack v2 and a migration to Vite 4 and Rollup 3. This is expected to result in faster build times and improved performance. Vite and Turbopack are the future.

Other enhancements in this release include the addition of an experimental server component islands, support for extending error.vue in layers, and the ability to use deep-watch useCookie ref value by default.

There are also several bug fixes in this release, including the removal of postcss.config from the schema, the inclusion of missing <NuxtPage> component props, and the support for applying .nuxtignore within external layers. A really interesting feature, getting more control over layouts.

My remarks

Overall, this release of Nuxt brings a number of new features and improvements that are expected to enhance the user experience and improve performance. It is essential for developers to stay up-to-date on the latest releases of Nuxt in order to take advantage of these new features and improvements. Use NuxtJs, and leverage its amazing Vue and Vite-powered features. What do you think about this new release, share your thoughts?

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