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React and Vue development speed discussion

Is there any dev's that extensively used React and Vue? What do you like more about React/Vue?

I find myself returning to React all the time from Vue, because i don't like Vue abstractions over JS, also TS support in Vue is not superior, React is better there.

But, i have a concern about time-to-market speeds with React, it usually takes, like 30% more time for me to finish an app, than using Vue.

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Well, i agree with your point. We have Vue for our main website at work. The speed development is great.

We also use React for our back office. Since the new context and hooks, it became really cool to use.

Sometimes I like the magic and speed, sometimes the functional way and its clarity speaks to me most.

If I could ditch all that SEO and marketing layer I would be using React but out of all the Jam frameworks Nuxt is the only one that I really found powerful enough. I'm still waiting for Gridsome to go out in 1.0.0 to use it because it seems even better.

But I would have made an SPA in React even if that means being slow at first because you get to use an explicit way of developing things and in my opinion that scales higher and faster than having the whole magic of Vue and Nuxt. And of course, better TypeScript support.

I really hope that Vue gets a better TypeScript support because I think that JavaScript, even with the newest ECMAScript additions does not scale well.

I can be wrong, let's discuss about that!

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Alexander Kim • Edited

Well, Vue 3 is very promising, one thing i don't like about React hooks and functional components is that you have to deal with unnecessary re-renders by yourself, like if parent props changes, it would re-render all the childs, if you are not using React.memo(), but what if Child component has non-primitive props, like objects, arrays? It would re-render again 😂So you have to manually compare them in React.memo() second param's. This takes time.

Also useEffect() paradigm, which i don't like too much, because of deps and exhaustive/deps eslint rule, you have to manually add all the required deps, what the hell. Why not automate it?

All of this stuff requires much more time in React apps, than Vue.

Vue 3 on other side, has these React hooks, but with lifecycles!