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Laravel 10 & Next.js 13 JWT boilerplate

Hi all,

We are excited to announce the release of a new open-source project: a Laravel 10 JWT REST API boilerplate, accompanied by a fully functional Next.js 13 (App Router) frontend. This comprehensive boilerplate aims to simplify the development of modern web applications by providing a solid foundation with essential features.

One of the most important features of this boilerplate is the integration of JWT (JSON Web Tokens). JWT provides a secure and stateless authentication mechanism, enabling developers to handle user authentication and authorization seamlessly.

By combining Laravel & Next.js, the boilerplate offers a cohesive and efficient development stack, enabling you to create feature-rich web applications swiftly. Whether you are building a small-scale project or a complex enterprise-level application, this boilerplate will jumpstart your development process and save you valuable time.

You can find the repositories on GitHub:

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hasanhatem profile image
Hasan Hatem

I wanna Thank you about this Repos its very very useful, i just use your login logic and change JWT to Sanctum Token, and it's work Perfect. Thanks again

jamiewarb profile image
Jamie Warburton • Edited

Thanks for this. Does it take care of using Laravel's csrf protection in the front end as well?

phhitachi profile image

Hi, can you include error handling on JWT ?

larswolters98 profile image
Lars Wolters • Edited

Hi @phhitachi, for the Next.js client or the Laravel API?