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AMA with Jeremy Ravenel, CEO of

Data has undoubtedly become the new oil. Whether it’s FAANG companies or startups building products, it plays a huge role in both the functioning and marketing aspects of product-building.

Aviyel is organizing an AMA for the community about Building on Data with one of the best open-source data projects We will be joined by their CEO - Jeremy Ravenel.

What’s ?

Notebooks as a service (Naas) is an open source platform that allows anyone touching data (analysts, scientists and engineers) to create powerful data solutions combining automation, analytics and AI from the comfort of their Jupyter notebooks.

Templates enable the user to create automated data jobs and reports in minutes.

Drivers act as connectors to push and/or pull data from databases, APIs, and Machine Learning algorithms and more.

Features transform Jupyter in a production ready environment with scheduling, asset sharing, and notifications.

About the Speaker

Jeremy is a data strategy leader and mentor with years of experience in Data-driven roles and now is the CEO of He’s also a Stanford Lead Alumni and a veteran of many data-driven companies with his products being used by Fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Tesla.

Join us on September 9th, as we talk about The Open Source Data Solutions Platform.

Block your seats here:

Wouldn’t be able to make it? Feel free to drop the questions you have in the discussion thread below!

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