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Covid-19 API

avirankatzsofi profile image avirankatzsofi ・1 min read

Hey guys, I made a tiny API that saves an hourly snapshot of the covid-19 status of every country (starting the evening of 03/17), based on this project's rest API.

I don't have a specific use for it yet, but I thought that it might be useful for the people among you who are developing corona related side projects.

So feel free to use it. Feel free to suggest uses for other people if you have any ideas. Feel free to ask me to expand the API if there's any unanswered need.

Currently the only endpoint is for by-country sampling:{countryCode}

I'm also attaching a link to the repo:

That's it. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Stay safe!

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Akinkunmi Olunloye

Thanks, I built a simple telegram bot with your API

avirankatzsofi profile image
avirankatzsofi Author

That's great! Thank you for sharing :)

pavermakov profile image
Pavel Ermakov

Thank you!

meir profile image
Meir Roth

using it in my project :)

Is there a way to get info for all countries in one call like this for example?
or world total stats?

avirankatzsofi profile image
avirankatzsofi Author

Loved your project!
Currently not, but I can implement something, will keep you informed

porkopek profile image

Thank you!