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How to get Remote jobs

All about Remote jobs

Getting a job these days is very tough. The recession impacted every job seeker very badly especially for the fresher’s. Big Tech Giants like Amazon , Meta , Google , Twitter and so many big to small companies have laid off thousands of employees and due to less hiring there is a tough competition in the IT job sector market . I talked to many fresher’s and they have told me that though they have skills for the job roles they are applying for,they are not getting shortlisted or getting replies from the companies.

One of the remedies for this problem are remote jobs , companies from around the globe are offering thousands of fully remote jobs in different domains. You can work from home and you can save your expenditure on rent , transport and on food items. If you get bored while working from home you can plan for a trip with your savings so it’s a win win game and once the market is in a good condition then you can switch for a regular office based jobs or hybrid mode.

Some remote job websites

  1. - Jobgether -
  2. - Turing -
  3. - RemoteHub -
  4. - -
  5. - FlexJobs -
  6. - JustRemote -

Some tips to prepare for remote jobs.

  1. Update your resume with relevant skills , projects and experience according to the job description.
  2. Improve your linkedin profile , this is the best platform to showcase your skills.
  3. Optimize your github profile, upload your projects and add links to your resume.

If you need any help related to Resume , Github or LinkedIn then reach out to me , I will help you in optimizing your profile .

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