We are looking for a new co-founder!

avgenakis_g profile image George Avg. ・1 min read

I am setting up an all star team to create a new side project and turn it into a profitable business.

My previous startup accelerated and got funding from investors in EU and it is a fully automated Saas (minimal work required by me), so I am looking for a new venture to build and grow.
One of the key lessons I learned from my previous projects, is that strong businesses are a result of strong founders.

Currently the team has me (mostly technical but working on the business too), one senior dev and we are looking for one more tech founder!

We are building a solution helping mainly investor / founders and VCs explore the market based on data collection and analysis

If you are interested and you have experience fill this form => https://george835.typeform.com/to/zxMEOy


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Thanks Chris!

Check my startup Loopcv, which automates the job search process => loopcv.pro


First impressions are good! Landing page looks well designed.

thanks a lot! Feel free to share feedback at info@loopcv.pro