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Process of working on a new feature using remotes

How did the code itself go?
It took a bit of time to figure out how to parse the config.toml file. I decided to use the TOML Parser, which converts TOML to an object. With this, I was able to extract the data from the config file we received from the command line.

With the new feature of supporting the -c and --config options:

  • Users can specify options in a TOML formatted config file without having to pass all of them as command line arguments.
  • If there is no config file or if there's an error during parsing, the program will exit with the corresponding error message.

You can find PR from here.

const toml = require('toml');
const concat = require('concat-stream');
const fs = require('fs');

  .option('-c, --config <d>', 'specify the file path to a TOML-based config file','')
  .action((input, options) => {
     try {
          if(options.config) {
              if(path.extname(options.config)!=='.toml') {
                  throw new Error('Extension of config file should be .toml');
              fs.createReadStream(options.config, 'utf8').on('error', onError).pipe(concat(function(data) {
                 try {
                       const parsedOptions = toml.parse(data);

                         // when config file is missing any option, use the default value
                       parsedOptions.output =  parsedOptions.output || 'til';
                       parsedOptions.stylesheet =  parsedOptions.stylesheet || null;
                       parsedOptions.lang = parsedOptions.lang || 'en-CA';
                       processFile(input, parsedOptions);
                 } catch(err) {
                      return process.exit(-1);
          } else {
             processFile(input, options);
     } catch (err) {
        return process.exit(-1);

function onError(err) {
    console.error('Failed to parse the config file');
    return process.exit(-1);
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What did I learn today?
Steps to review and test other's PR via remotes

1.Add a git remote.
$ git remote add <name-of-student> <https://git-url-of-other-student-fork.git>
Example) git remote add abc123

You will now see the two remotes as below.

$ git remote -v                                                                                                                                                        
origin (fetch)
origin (push)
abc123 (fetch)
abc123 (push)
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2.Download all the commits and branches of other student in the remote repo to my local repo.
$ git fetch <name-of-student>
Example) git fetch abc123

3.Create a branch pointing to the same commit as the other student's repo and branch. You can use this branch to review and test their work.
$ git checkout -b <branch-name> <name-of-student>/<branch-name>
Example) git checkout -b issue-10 abc123/issue-10

4.If other student pushed another commits and you want to update your local tracking branch, you can do the following.
$ git pull <name-of-student> issue-10
Example) git pull abc123 issue-10

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