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Avelyn Hyunjeong Choi
Avelyn Hyunjeong Choi

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Hacktoberfest #01

Issue | PR

What was the issue about?
The issue was about identifying all the broken links on the website and fixing them for a better user experience.

What did I need to do to prepare the fix?
There wasn't a lot of set up that needed to be done. The following are the commands I needed to use for the set up.

git remote add upstream - add a reference to the original repo
git remote -v - to check remote for this repo
git pull upstream main - to sync forked repo with upstream repo
git checkout -b issue-13 - to create a new branch
npm install - to install dependencies
npm run dev -- --open - to start the server

To prepare the fix, I needed to browse the website and identify which links were broken and not working. Additionally, I had to determine which URL to use for fixing the broken links by inspecting the code, without having to ask the author for the correct URL.

Changes Example
before the change

after the change

What did I learn?
I learned that a programmer needs to at least skim through the entire code to fix a minor issue on the website. My task was to identify and repair the broken link. To accomplish this, I needed to know which URL to use. To find out the correct URL, I had to determine which endpoint could be used in this case by reviewing the code that specifies all of the endpoints.

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