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  • Remote work. I think it's valuable to be co-located with the people you work with, but I want to be able to work from home at least one or two days during the week.
  • An exciting product. I'd rather work with a product that I believe makes the world a better place and that I'm proud to talk about with my friends than yet another e-commerce tool that's just making somebody else richer than they need to be.
  • Sustainable. I want to work for a company that's aware of environmental, social and economic issues and tries to minimise its impact in those matters. Also, a company that takes decisions thinking long term and not in quarterly benefits.
  • Autonomy. I want to work in an autonomous team where me and my colleagues can decide how we want to work, how we want to solve the technical challenges we face and which tools to use.
  • Semi-flat hierarchy/few office politics. I despise having to appeal to egos, changes getting stuck because people have hidden agendas and chains of commandment so long I can't see the end, which usually means that when I need a decision taken, nobody I know has the mandate to take it and whoever has the mandate, doesn't take it because they are too far detached from my context and don't understand it.
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