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re: I love this question, and so I'll try to answer the best I can. But first, in one word, PASSION. If you don't have passion, you'll never become a...

Oh, wait, are we talking about real skill here? I always associate the term rockstar developer with a know-best holier-than-thou attitude, that may or may not be backed up by any real skill, and my question was more towards how you developed that attitude and realised that it was a problem (since your title says recovering rockstar dev). But it looks like we're not on the same page here, so nevermind.

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I suppose you could have a cocky dev that isn't really that great, but I think people would just call them jerks, not rockstars :D

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To be fair, I've been a jerk too, just ask any of my former or current co-workers! But to err is human right? I'm trying to get better! :D

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