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re: I don't know when the infinite scroll will end. This is my big one. I was adding books to my massive Books Amazon wishlist today and wondered ho...

I had over a 120 things left to read (I'm now down to 0 though!).

Did you just remove all your bookmarks? :P


It was tempting, especially since every time I read something off the list I seemed to gain 3 more to read later.

But! I actually read them all. And anything I wanted to save as a resource later, I open sourced as a list with notes and categories :D

Eventually, I want to take my snippets of saved notes and links and make a webpage of them all with markdownjs or something like that.

Congratulations! I also have trouble keeping up with my reading list. I took a look at your list of resources, very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Be careful or you'll add more things to your list of things to read! :)

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