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Discussion on: Want to write future safe code for the future web? Let me help you with Web Components

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Just an opinion (so take this with a metric ton of salt) but I'm not sure that we should talk about Web Components and other popular frameworks/libraries as if they were competing technologies or opposing methodologies.

Most of the popular frameworks can use Web Components with no issues and at least a few of the frameworks can be configured to produce web components (Svelte comes to mind).

Framing the conversation as "WC's vs. Framework" starts the conversation with someone feeling as if they have to defend their stack. Considering the amount of time and effort most of us put into our work, that conversation will never end well.

Which is a shame considering how useful WC's are both alongside and in lieu of a stack.

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Umer K Author

Web Components complement frameworks very well, and it is not frameworks vs web components for everyone. It is frameworks vs web components where it does not matter to your project what framework you use (i.e you are using fundamental functionality, common in all such frameworks which is provided by spec now)

Note this from the article:
"This technology means that there might soon no longer be any need to rely on third party frameworks ... install bloat, or learn for months on end, to make a seemingly basic modern web application."