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Discussion on: [Ask Dev] Is Slack disruptive at work?

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Personally, I don't think Slack is unique in being disruptive — it's just another communication channel. Our org also tends to use it as a replacement for the in-person meeting, the "hey do you..." doorway conversations, and "OMFG teh sver is on fir!"

I don't know if this helps you, but after I was forcibly made manager-ish, I instituted something I call "Office Hours." During office hours, I'm available for anything: Phone calls, Slack, meetings, water cooler chats, drive-bys, whatever.

I confine my work during this time to smaller tasks, manager stuff, organizing my project tasks, code review, planning, meetings, etc. All stuff I can handle in 15-30 minute blocks.

The rest of the time is spent developing. I go completely radio silent: Door closed or I leave the office, email client off, slack off, phone on vibrate, headphones to drown out door knocks and drive-bys.

Like @neilonsoftware , I'll respond to my phone if the message is meaningful — I've had issues with terrifyingly goofy interruptions ( "Look at my awesome coffee cup!", "I wrote this for loop. Can you explain it to me right now?"), — but otherwise I'm fairly ruthless with this time.

Response to it has been pretty good, though I have to re-train Execs on a regular basis.

YMMV, but I hope it helps.