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Discussion on: My reflections on Golang

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Thanks for the article, Deepu, I enjoyed it and find myself agreeing with a lot of your thoughts. At the same time, most of the language issues you found problematic didn't bother me much -- then again, I loved working in C/Win32API back in the day so I may have issues with causing myself pain. ;)

The one thing that did make me bonkers was GOPATH, and I agree with you completely. I haven't been able to work with Go for a while, but I swear I saw a utility/feature in IntelliJ Go products/plugins that would change your GOPATH to the current project directory when you opened it or something similar so that you could work as you describe.

Then again, maybe it was a dream. It's an awful nice one.

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

Yes a colleague of mine told me there was such a plugin for IntelliJ