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Debug Kubernetes Operator-sdk locally in Goland

This is a follow on from this article setting up the operator-sdk debug in vscode.

Setup Goland to debug

The setup for Goland is pretty similar to Vscode.

Delve is a debug tool for golang, it can be downloaded here or by just using go

go get -u 

In Goland go to Run\Edit Configurations...

Alt Text

Click on the Plus symbol + and add Go Remote add a Name and click Apply the defaults are fine

Alt Text

You need to run delve with the command line switch --enable-delve on the up local command
e.g. The operator I am working on is called integreatly-operator so the commands to run it are as follows

# You need to set the namespace to watch 
$ export WATCH_NAMESPACE=integreatly-operator
# You can then run the up local with delve enabled
$ operator-sdk up local --namespace=integreatly-operator --enable-delve
# you will see something like
INFO[0000] Running the operator locally.                
INFO[0000] Using namespace integreatly-operator.        
INFO[0000] Delve debugger enabled with args [--listen=:2345 --headless=true --api-version=2 exec build/_output/bin/integreatly-operator-local --] 
API server listening at: [::]:2345

NOTE: command changed with v0.15.0 operator-sdk run --local --namespace=integreatly-operator

Click on Run\Debug 'whatYouCallYourGoRemote'

Goland will start to debug and stop at your breakpoints.

Alt Text

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