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Austin Coleman
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You're Not Alone: Navigating the Job Search Together

Hello, friends,

In the whirlwind of the job search, it's all too easy to feel adrift, stay isolated, and not ask for help. I've felt the stormy waves myself, having been laid off in November 2022. Amid the recent surge of layoffs, the journey can feel increasingly solitary. But here's a beacon of hope: you're not alone and help is out there if you ask.

Harnessing the Power of Unity

In this storm, I see an opportunity for us to form a community. A lighthouse amidst the turmoil, where we as job seekers can find support, share resources, and lend an empathetic ear. A place where the solitary journey transforms into a shared voyage of discovery and growth.

From Solitude to Solidarity

In times of turbulence, there's power in unity. Together, we can navigate these tumultuous waters and emerge stronger. We can learn from each other, and offer encouragement when the going gets tough.

Reaching Out

As we traverse this journey, remember to ask for help. There's strength in numbers, and your voice matters.

You're not alone in the vast sea of the job search. Together, we can turn the tides. Here's to brighter horizons!

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Emerson Castaneda

Thank you for sharing. always happy to help people in any way I can, and I'm glad that my advice was helpful to others

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Austin Coleman

Thanks for recommending Never Search Alone by phyl terry. I'm reading it and getting a lot of value out of it. I'm also attending this related event. Want to join?

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Jean-Michel (double agent)

You and others can reach out to me

I've decided that I care enough about developers career to switch my own career towards that

See my writings on DEV

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Alex T

I used to be in recruitment, headhunting and consulting industry.

And I am very curious to find out from this community about the percentage of developers on self-employed and employed. I always have an impression on many developers are working on self-employed or contract-team-work project. But after I got into, it kinda changed some of my perspective.

I have been looking forward and always be fascinated by working like The Italian Job/Ocean Eleven style team work. Seeking out some great team members who share mutual interest and vision to work on some fun and big projects.