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What technologies does the Amazon's Android Shopping App use?

aurumtechie profile image Neeyat Lotlikar ・1 min read

I know that Amazon's Android App is a hybrid app but I wanted to know what exact technology it is built using. Just outta curiosity 🕵️, I tried running a web search but most of the posts on the web are about Amazon's Fire OS. Does anyone know what the Amazon shopping app is built on?

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Saurabh Sharma • Edited

Disclaimer Im not from amazon

As far as I know it seems like amazon renders webview in app

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Neeyat Lotlikar Author

Maybe... Good to know. Thanks for sharing your thought.

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Rahul 🎧

I share the same thoughts as Saurabh. If you look at Amazon's website in Chrome or any other mobile browser, it shows up the same as it shows up in the mobile app. So, yeah.